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Hurricane Resistant Glazing Systems for Extremely High Wind Load Areas

Areas subject to high wind loads or hurricane zones require different glazing specifications, to ensure the systems can withstand the harsh conditions.

IQ has a number of systems that are suitable for these conditions, engineering each solution on a project by project basis to make sure the performance requirements are met. When you specify hurricane-resistant systems from IQ, you benefit from extremely hard-wearing systems that never compromise on minimal design.

Wind Load

There are many factors that must be considered when specifying architectural glazing for high wind load areas, from building size and shape to the surrounding environment and terrain.

It is important to seek expert opinion and advice for these projects, to avoid incurring problems further down the line that could result in added costs and extended project timelines.

IQ Glass advise that wind load is considered as early as possible in the stages of a project, preferably during the design stage.

Our expert team of designers know and understand exactly what needs to be taken into consideration, in line with building regulations, for projects of this nature and have a proven portfolio of successful projects.

oversized glazing in high windload area

Minimal Design

Traditionally, glazing systems that were classed as hurricane-resistant would be chunkier and minimal design would have to be compromised to achieve the required performance values.

Utilising the latest advances in architectural glazing, IQ Glass has developed a number of systems to ensure minimally framed glazing can be specified in high wind load areas.

The specification within any insulated glass units will need to be different and will likely result in a thicker glass unit.

IQ Glass use aluminium frames with a full thermal break, specifically engineered to accommodate thicker glass units by using a deeper fixing profile.

oversized sliding doors

Invisio Thermally Broken Structural Glazing

Developed in house our structural glazing system Invisio now has an Invisio+ system to specifically cater for triple glazed units. As well as frameless design, the thermally broken Invisio+ units provide enhanced Uw values due to the thicker glass insulation.

Invisio+ allows you to push architectural boundaries with completely bespoke shapes, sizes and applications.

You can view or download our Invisio Brochure from this link

There are little to no restrictions when it comes to structural glazing, bringing innovative designs and ideas within reach. The profile can accommodate glass units up to 62mm deep, without altering the frameless design of the glass. Despite the deeper profiles, all Invisio fixing details are designed to be completely concealed within the building finishes.

Invisio+ was carefully engineered to ensure the exceptional performance values of the original Invisio profile were not compromised. The wind pressure, amongst other performance requirements, was extensively tested in large sizes to produce the best results and larger frameless installations are available upon request.

slim framed sliding doors in high wind load area

Slim Framed Sliding Doors

One of our most popular opening systems is sliding glass doors. The door systems are characterised by their slim aluminium frames and large elevations of glass, flooding living spaces with natural light and creating dynamic exterior designs. These doors can be integrated within Invisio+ glass walls or used alone to create entire walls of moving glass.

The minimal windows 4+ system is engineered to offer unparalleled performance values for high wind load or hurricane areas. The sliding door systems have been extensively tested with sliding panes up to 12m2 per pane, using a typical glass specification of triple glazing with 8mm toughened glass. Hurricane resistance testing has also been completed, with cyclic wind pressure loading tested to 3510Pa in accordance with TAS 203.

The sightlines on these sliding systems remain ultra-slim, from just 26mm in a vertical interlocking profile. As with any minimal windows systems, there is a range of technical glass solutions that can be specified in conjunction with hurricane-resistant systems. These include solar control glass, low maintenance coatings, heated glass and more. The slim frames can be powder coated in any RAL colour to suit a wide range of project types.

oversized structural glass in high wind load area

We look at each brief on a project by project basis, ensuring the performance requirements are met whilst designing the most minimal glass systems. When working on a project in a hurricane zone or in an area subject to extremely high wind loads, IQ will adapt our luxury glazing systems and develop new applications to ensure the performance and longevity is second to none.

To get in touch with us about a project in a hurricane zone, simply email us at, the team are equipped to answer any technical or specification queries.

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