Sliding Glass Doors

How to adjust Lock Keepers and Shoot Bolts

Door locking problems almost always originate from misuse of the locking system or where the door has been pushed or pulled with the bolts in their locked position. Using the locking system in the wrong way will result in the lock keepers and/or shoot bolts becoming misaligned which will require realignment. Shoot bolts and lock keepers do not become misaligned on their own, therefore it is vital that the door systems are used in the correct way otherwise it can be a costly repair.

If the rotation handle has not been fully locked in the open position before opening the doors the lock keepers and shoot bolts may move slightly. If the lock keeper only requires a minor adjustment, then there is usually a small tolerance within the shoot bolt sleeve itself. Small adjustments like this can be easily adjusted by the homeowner, just follow these simple instructions:

  • Open the door and investigate the shoot bolt sleeves, you should see that there is a screw head inside the sleeve.
  • Simply loosen up the screw to allow you to slightly adjust the position of the screw and shoot bolt. Once realigned in the correct position, just tighten the screw head to secure in the aligned position.


If the shoot bolt sleeve can be adjusted in this way, then it will eliminate the costs of one of our installers to come and fix this issue and will not require any extensive adjustment work.

If a greater adjustment is required than the one outlined above, then the entire lock keeper could require moving along the frame to move it back to the original position it was installed in. To do this follow these instructions:

  • Loosen up the lock keeper adjustment screws that you will see on the top and bottom of the side of the lock keeper.
  • Place the lock keeper in the correct position and retighten the screws to secure the lock keeper in this position.

Note: If you have had the internal finishes completed at the project (floor and ceiling) then these may require cutting back to allow access to do this. If the finishes have not been completed, then this is quite an easy adjustment.

For Keller minimal windows® locking, see diagram.

minimal windows locking system