Glazing Applications

Frameless Round Windows

Specifying structural frameless round windows.

Frameless round windows, or circle windows as they are commonly known, are unique window configurations that can bring a bespoke touch to a project. Frameless windows are popular for architectural projects due to their seamless, minimal aesthetic. This is great for renovation projects and new-builds that desire a clean-cut finish.

Why would you specify a circular window?

The aesthetic appeal of circular windows often influences their selection. They can give a building's design a distinctive and striking touch. Their rounded shape can add a touch of elegance or simple difference while fragmenting the pattern of square or rectangular windows.

Circular windows are utilised in certain architectural designs to let in natural light and allow for ventilation. They can be especially helpful in places where there isn't much room, and a typical rectangular window might not fit.

In certain architectural styles, circular windows can serve only as decorative elements. They might serve no purpose other than enhancing the exterior or interior facade of a building.

Using Structural Glass for frameless round windows.

When specifying frameless round windows, it is advantageous to use structural glass for the installation. IQ’s Invisio structural system allows are vast glass sizes with a thermally broken frame for exceptional thermal performance.

Using structural glass means that the window can withstand a significant structural load without the concern of breakage. The system can also be double, or triple glazed for further thermal performance and system strength.

Frameless round windows in existing projects.

Monroe Drive

Monroe Drive is a new build home with several elements of architectural glazing that helped bring the building project into the modern aesthetic. The building has a white, beige and grey colour palette, this allows the light to reflect from the inside of the home improving natural light levels.

Paired with the structural glass roof and ultra slim sliding doors is a circular feature window that brings light towards the sink/kitchen area. This particular window is an oval shape and stands out from the otherwise classic glazing featured around the home.

Monroe Drive is a highly unique home with many quirks such as the oval window.

Gama Issa

This luxurious residence's double-height slim sliding glass doors, together with its beautiful interior design, provide a dramatic impression. The sliding doors that make up the entire glass façade were developed by architects Fernando Guerra to make the house both visually striking and well-lit.

The large windows create a striking contrast with the well designed garden area beyond, while also enhancing the home's modern, sophisticated façade. 

Gama Issa also features a perfect circle feature window which has been installed to the right of the slim sliding doors. This frameless glass window allows natural light into the hallway area and also breaks up the large white wall which would otherwise seem overpowering.

If you would like to explore the option of integrating frameless round windows into your project, contact the team here!