Glazing Applications

Design Options for Exterior Glass Walls

Enhancing Spaces with Exterior Glass Walls


A structural glass wall is a minimal and modern alternative to framed curtain walling, used to create large or long elevations of glazing where glass is the primary design feature. 

The continuous elevation of frameless structural glass units is seamlessly connected and joined together using specialist silicone joints. The result is a large glass elevation with no visible framing or fixings. The only visible sightlines are the neat silicone joints between each insulated glass unit. 

By using our thermally broken Invisio structural glazing system we can create exterior glass walls with high levels of thermal insulation with head and base fixings completely hidden by building finishes, meaning you can achieve a full floor to ceiling elevation of glass. 


Exterior Glass Walls in Contemporary Builds

Perfectly in line with minimalist aesthetics and design principles, the seamless, sleek nature of structural glass is ideal for contemporary projects.  

Both on horizontal and vertical faces of a build, large exterior glass walls provide a dramatic statement element to facades as well as rear elevations, as they can span across multiple floors for a striking contemporary finish.


Exterior Glass Walls in Traditional Builds

Glass walls offer additional aesthetic interest to traditional homes as well, as glazing structures create striking architectural contrasts between old and new design elements.  

Renovations, extensions and conversions often feature large elevations of glass to provide alternative natural light sources as well as adding a modern touch to the build without overshadowing its traditional character. 



Bespoke Exterior Glass Wall Shapes and Sizes

The size and shape of glass wall sections are manufactured bespoke to suit the specific design requirements of a given project. 

Through a modular configuration of both structural glass walls and ultra slim sliding glass doors, there is virtually no limit to the achievable sizes and elevations of exterior glass walls. 


Performance Enhancing Exterior Glass Walls

With the latest advances in architectural glazing, glass elements have become highly energy efficient, be if fixed or moving. Following the latest building regulations and wind load requirements based on the project’s location, exterior glass walls can greatly improve the overall thermal performance of the build. 


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