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Building Regulations Part Q for Glazing

Effective since 1st October 2015, Part Q of UK Building Regulations 2010 lays out the security performance required for windows and doors that are easily accessible. Section 1 of Approved Document Q states requirements for doors and Section 2 applies to windows.

Any easily accessible windows and doors such as those on the ground floor of these residential properties must be able to resist physical attack by a casual or opportunist burglar by being both sufficiently robust and fitted with appropriate hardware.

This includes entrance doors, patio doors, and windows as well as any part of a building from which access can be gained to a flat within a building.

Part Q is currently only applicable to new build dwellings, so does not apply to replacement glazing systems or extensions.

How to comply with Part Q

The regulation states that windows and doors must be designed to resist physical attack by unauthorised individuals attempting to access the property. In order to comply with the legislation, each glazing design must demonstrate that they are sufficiently robust and fitted with appropriate hardware to resist attack.

For windows and doors, if the glazing system meets PAS 24 or Secured By Design requirements then they comply with Part Q regulations.

Given the bespoke nature of windows and doors, it is not feasible to test every variation of design and size, nor does the provision of a test report guarantee that the actual product supplied complies with the tested specification.

IQ Glass provide bespoke glazing solutions so in order for these glazing systems to meet the requirements set out in Part Q of the building regulations they must use elements that allow other glazing systems to pass.

This includes using a laminated pane in the external glazing system to ensure high levels of security.

Entrance doors must be manufactured to a design that has been tested to meet PAS 24:2012 security requirements or performance values that exceed this standard, such as STS 201 Issue 5:2013 (see page 3 of the official document for the full list).

The Ingresso aluminium entrance door range from IQ have been fully tested to PAS24 standard and feature a steel core within the aluminium frame. The Apertio doors are certified with Break in Resistance Class 3 and the Belgravia door is Class 4 approved for an even stronger defence against forces such as power drilling equipment.

Double height glass roof to multi storey Mews property integrating existing windows with new glazed structural addition to achieve a double-height aspect with views out to the City.

Hardware requirements

Part Q does not specify specific hardware requirements for windows, although have a secure locking mechanism and window restrictors are suitable steps to ensure that they can resist physical attack by a casual or opportunist burglar.

At IQ Glass we have an extremely wide variety of window systems including aluminium casement windows, eaves windows and pivot windows.

These systems are all flexible in design and come with a range of hardware options. Our team of glazing experts will be able to advise you on the right window and design to suit your specific project's requirements.

For doors, the design of letterboxes in an entrance door carries two main recommendations:

  • They should have a maximum aperture of 260mm x 40mm
  • They should be designed to hinder anyone attempting to reach their hand into the letterbox or to try to retrieve keys using instruments pushed through the opening. This may involve incorporating a flap or other features that prevent access

Entrance doors should also have a way to see callers, whether this be a door viewer, a glazed panel within the door, or a window next to the door. Door chains or door limiters are also recommended. A homeowner may opt for electronic audio-visual systems to identify visitors and act as limiter devices.

The Ingresso range from IQ Glass combines an optional minimal spy hole with smart technology integration. They feature fully tamper-proof euro cylinder locking, with an internal defender plate and have a motorised concealed door closer.

Croft Road slim sliding doors opens to garden patio which was an important part of the brief

Installation and fixing requirements

Frames of door sets must be mechanically fixed to the structure of the building in accordance with the installation instructions from the manufacturer.

Resilient layers may also be required if the doors are being fixed to lightweight framed walls.

For windows, the only requirement specified in Part Q is that the manufacturer’s installation guides must be followed when and window frames should be mechanically fixed to the structure.

It is important to use a qualified and experienced installation team such as IQ’s team of skilled professionals who have carried out many installations over the years.

A three track minimal windows sliding pocket glass door system was chosen as an unobtrusive glazing solution in this stunning Somerset location located in an AONB next to one of the largest and most beautiful ancient oak woods in Britain.


Part Q legislation acknowledges that flexibility may be shown in the way a project chooses to demonstrate compliance with the regulations. If alternative means are chosen for window or door security that is not discussed outright in the official document, the project should be discussed with the relevant building control authority.

Similarly, the standards set out here are for secure windows and doors in ordinary circumstances. This means that if a project is unusual in some way, the required security performance of its doors and windows may be impacted.

IQ is constantly developing our product range to provide bespoke, high-performance solutions that meet and exceed building standards. For more information on our highly bespoke glazing systems and top of the range entrance doors, simply get in touch with the team today.

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What Next?

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