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True Bronze vs Bronze Effect Frames

A Guide to Bronze and Bronze Look Frames

The use of bronze finishes in architecture is a popular way to create a feel of luxury to the glazing design. Whether the frames are made of true patinated bronze or are finishes in a bronze effect, these metal framed windows offer a minimal design with a mellow and tactile finish that suits a range of architectural and interior design schemes.


What is Architectural Bronze?

Architectural Bronze is an alloy metal which is created from a mixture of different metals, including copper and zinc. The resulting metal creates a distinct material which is valued by architects and designers for its visual appearance as well as the metal’s high levels of corrosion resistance.

Architectural Bronze is the material that is used when you want a true bronze frame for your windows and doors.

bronze frame to a sliding door shown at the base close up

What is Patinated Bronze?

The natural finish of the bronze window frames will darken over time – referred to as ‘patination’ – and age. This process can be pre-applied to the frames if wanted through an aging process to create pre-patinated bronze which already has this aged darker appearance. This is what is known as Patinated Bronze.

This finish offers a more tactile appearance to the frames as the areas of frame that are touched regularly will have a shinier appearance.

bronze window frame in stone

Design Options for True Bronze Window and Door Frames

If you are looking for a true bronze frame for your window or door, there are a range of options available to you.

For external windows and doors, true bronze frames are possible in most typical configurations of hinged windows and doors as well as sliding door options. The sightlines of these bronze windows vary depending on the size and weight of the glass but sightlines can range from 47mm upwards.

For internal bronze framed glazing, the range is more broad as the screens don’t require to be weather tight. Bespoke arrangements and screens can be created to the design of your choosing.

This internal sliding screen in London was created using a bronze frame. The corners of the screen were arched and curved to create a Parisian internal glass screen design.

Internal arched steel framed sliding glass window system to modern extension


Using Bronze Frames in Marine Environments

Whenever we are looking at metal framed glazing in a marine environment (by the sea or to an internal pool environment), special consideration has to be given to the framing used to ensure it can withstand the harsh environment.

Bronze has been used throughout the marine industry for years and has a wealth of proven history in being able to withstand these harsh conditions. However, special consideration must be taken when specifying bronze in a marine environment due to the maintenance needed.

If left untreated, bronze frames will go green. If bronze frames are used in a pool or seaside location very regular cleaning (in some instances weekly) will be required to maintain the appearance of the bronze frames.


What is a Bronze Look Frame?

A bronze look frame is a metal window frame that is finished in a bronze colour to create the appearance of a bronze frame.

Typically, these are aluminium framed systems that are finished with a specialist PPC (polyester powder coat) or anodised in a bronze colour.

The resulting visual effect is a smooth bronze finish free of any weathering patterns or patina textures.


Design Options for Bronze Look Windows and Doors

As a bronze look window is an aluminium frame that is finished in a special way, the range of opening types and designs possible.

Sliding doors, casement window and doors and bifolding doors are all possible with a bronze look finish. Also, any internal framed aluminium system can also have the same bronze look finish applied.

a bronze framed sliding door with casement door

Bronze Look Frames in Marine Environments

Aluminium frames with a PPC or anodised finish are very suitable for marine environments and create a lower maintenance finish than true bronze.

If you are specifying a bronze look finish in a marine environment you just need to check that the finish applied is designed for that harsh condition. All PPC finishes from IQ are marine grade as standard however, we also do recommend pre-anodising the frame before a marine grade finish is applied for additional frame protection.

bronze look frames in a stone reveal

See Bronze and Bronze Look Frames at our Showroom

Our true bronze and bronze effect frames can be seen in person throughout the IQ Glass showroom in Amersham.

From true bronze windows in the courtyard, to bronze look framed sliding doors and internal pivot doors, our bronze finish samples are here for you to experience first-hand.

Simply contact the IQ team to book a visit.

bronze look window frame

Specify Bronze or Bronze Look Frames on Your Next Project

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