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7 Reasons Why Glazing Installations Could Be Delayed

Thanks to television programs like Grand Designs, architectural glaziers have acquired an unfair reputation for being late or causing installation delays. As with all construction works there can sometimes be the chance of an unforeseen delay, however, the majority of perceived delays in an architectural glazing installation are actually very preventable. In fact, many delays are not 'delays' at all. Sometimes perceived delays are elements of a construction process that a client, builder or project manager just hasn't taken into account when creating the project building program.


Read below for the top 7 reasons why an architectural glazing installation may be completed later than you had originally programmed and how to avoid them on your own project:

1. The deposit invoice was not paid swiftly

Your glazier will only begin the detailed design works for your project once the deposit invoice has been paid. In order for your project to go into design as soon as possible ensure that your deposit invoice is paid quickly.

A delay in paying the deposit invoice will cause a delay to the start of design.

2. The design drawings were not approved

An architectural glazier cannot proceed to manufacture until the entirety of what they are installing is fully realised. This includes opening measurements, glass specification and the colour choices of the frame.

One major cause of site delays is that the client cannot decide on small elements like the frame colour or handle design. It is best if these design choices are made during the sales process to ensure minimal delays in design drawing approval.

A delay in approving your design drawings will cause a delay to the start of production and manufacture.

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3. There were lots of requested changes to the design drawings

Your initial design drawings will be sent out to you within 20 days of your order being placed. If you request subsequent changes to your design drawings, you need to allow for 5-10 working days for each revision. As you can imagine, if many different changes are made every time a drawing is issued this can cause the design time to become very long.

In order to minimise the amount of time it takes to get to the drawing approval stage, we recommend that you made your drawing changes in full batches (rather than a couple of changes on every revision). If you are able to do this it will make sure your drawings can be approved quickly and move onto production on time.

A delay in the design process will cause a delay to the start of production and manufacture.

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4. The openings are not ready for survey

Many projects don't have to have a survey, however, if you would like a survey the site needs to be ready before one can occur.

A surveyor cannot take site measurements until openings are formed and ready to measure. Waiting for these openings to be formed before a survey can take place is a major reason for project site delays.

To reduce this project delay you should allow for this within your building program. Alternatively, your architectural glazier can manufacture to agreed dimensions which will allow the order to be placed with the factory before the openings are formed.

A delay in sizes being confirmed will cause a delay to the start of production and manufacture.

5. The 2nd stage invoice was not paid

Your architectural glazier will place the order for the materials with their factories once the payment has been received for the 2nd stage invoice. In order for your material orders to be placed your glazier must have received payment of the invoice first.

A delay in paying the 2nd stage invoice will cause a delay to the start of production and manufacture.

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6. The site was not ready for installation

In some cases, there may be unexpected delays within your building schedule which will mean that it is not possible for your glazier to install the glazing in the agreed week.

Any reputable glazier will be able to store the manufactured products in their warehouse for installation at a later date. However, when your site is then ready for the installation your glazier will need to book this install back into their installation calendar. As architectural glazing works are programmed roughly 8-10 weeks in advance you may have a little wait until an installation slot becomes available.

Your contracts manager will do everything possible to get your glazing installed as soon as your site is ready.

A delay in your site being ready for installation will cause a delay in the installation of the architectural glazing.

7. The building program didn't take into consideration the full lead time

When you begin any building project you will have a building program in which the glazing installation is planned alongside all other elements of the build. On many occasions, the reason why a glazing installation is not completed in time with your building program is that your building program hasn’t taken into account the true period of time it takes to design, manufacture and install an architectural glazing installation. You should always speak to your architectural glazier about the expected installation date from the date you place the order. You can also read our article here for further insight into when to place your order for architectural glazing.

What Next?

If you are considering using architectural glazing on your building project, it is best to start the planning at an early stage. The first step is to contact the team at IQ to receive a quotation for your chosen glazing works. Once you are happy with your quotation you can place an order with us and design can begin.

It is always best to place an order early rather than later!

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