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Steel Look Doors

Aluminium is a more lightweight alternative to steel for framing because of its inherent rust and corrosion resistance qualities, which also make it more durable in high-temperature conditions and require less maintenance.

Despite this, a lot of people still specify steel-framed windows because of the sophisticated or industrial designs that the glazing bars and thin profiles produce. Although there are numerous situations where an aluminium substitute could enhance the project, there are also many where steel is far more appropriate.

For this reason, IQ developed a line of steel-look aluminium glazing systems that combine real and applied glazing bars with contemporary slim aluminium framing profiles to create that aesthetic and provide customers with all the advantages of aluminium glazing.

By adding glazing bars and selecting the appropriate frame finish, a range of door systems, including steel look bifold doors, steel look pivot doors, and steel look casement doors, can be specified as having a steel look.

Steel Look Doors for Internal Solutions

In addition, IQ provides a variety of custom internal glazing options to complement any interior design theme. To produce an internal door or glass barrier with a steel look, several of these can be ordered with glazing bars attached.

Like external steel appearance glazing, internal steel look glazing can be created to complement an industrial area or add an exquisite touch to traditional interiors.

Using steel-look aluminium internal glazing in a project instead of real steel glazing has several advantages. It is easier to maintain and less expensive, and because the profiles are lightweight, steel-look aluminium internal doors may be opened easily.

It is important to remember that steel or timber framing profiles are required for internal fire-rated glass in order to provide proper protection, since the melting point of aluminium framing profiles is lower than that of steel and timber framing profiles.



As all of our external glazing systems use a full polyamide thermal break and come with a low e glass coating as standard, our aluminium steel look glazing achieves unparalleled performance levels.

Both the Sieger Legacy Casement Window and Door have full weather testing for air permeability, wind load and water tightness, and

Our systems use a mix of true and applied glazing bars to achieve optimal performance levels without having to compromise on design.

Each system is manufactured bespoke and will come with its own Uw and weather testing values, so for more specific details, get in touch with the IQ team today.

Frame Finish & Glazing Options

One huge advantage of using aluminium framing profiles is the wide variety of finishing options available for the framing. Our profiles can be finished with a polyester powder coating in any RAL colour, and with over 200 colours to choose from plus options such as matt or glossy, the options are endless.

Utilising PPC and grooves, special finishes such as a timber effect design can be achieved. Another less common frame finish for aluminium is anodising.

Our aluminium steel look glazing system can also be specified with a wide range of glazing options including, but not limited to,low maintenance, solar control and low iron glazing.

This allows each system to be manufactured to suit specific design requirements, both performance-wise and in terms of aesthetics.


IQ have a range of bespoke ironmongery, each with its own set of finishing options. For the aluminium steel look doors, most handle options come with a euro cylinder keylock as standard for enhanced security.

There are handle options to suit any exterior or interior design, from contemporary to traditional. Depending on the choice of ironmongery, we have some stunning finishes available such as satin chrome and antique brass.

For more information on the different steel look glazing systems available and the design options for each, contact the team at IQ today who will be happy to assist.