Woodstock Road

Industrial style glazing installed to a renovated 1920's home

The homeowners at Woodstock Road wanted to inject a new lease of life into their large an imposing 1920’s family home, which had been in the family for a great number of years. The property was suffering from a poor connection to the beautiful long garden with many of the internal living spaces feeling cramped and cut off from the surrounding countryside. They were keen to transform the home with a more contemporary style, while retaining its charming character, with open-plan living areas and new glazing systems that strengthened the family’s connection to the outdoors.

HollandGreen Architects worked closely with the homeowner to sympathetically bring the design of the home into the 21st century while offering a gentle nod to the heritage features of the home. To achieve this, Mondrian glazing systems were specified featuring slim steel sightlines to create a sophisticated glazing aesthetic. Steel framed windows were fitted across both the upper floor and ground floor external walls, larger glazing systems were installed to the rear of the property to enhance that sought-after connection to the outdoor living spaces.


Eleanor Walpole Photography / HollandGreen Architecture & Interiors



To open up the rear of the home and remove the disconnection to the garden, a large Mondrian Belgium door was placed leading from the kitchen out onto the patio and into the lush garden. These glazing systems work beautifully within an open-plan living space to create a bright and airy room. During the warmer months, the steel framed windows and the Mondrian Belgium Door can be opened wide to allow warm fresh air to flow through the rooms.

During the renovation, the homeowners also wanted to extend their home further into the garden on one side of the property. This space was to be used as a quiet space to retreat and relax away from the main areas of the family home. The extension was clad in warn toned timber cladding to offer a natural finish that blended into the textures of the garden. The slim aluminium glazing on this extension was designed to match the contemporary look of the new build, juxtaposing the heritage appearance of the steel framed systems used on the existing home.

The internal living spaces underwent a fast refurbishment including a brand new modern bespoke kitchen designed by Barr Kitchens which flowed into the newly designed kitchen through the now open-plan ground floor space. The house benefitted greatly from the replacement and addition of new glazing systems to create an influx of natural light and build that connection between the indoor and outdoor environments.