Wimpole Street

Roof Terrace Refurbisment with Privacy Glass and Roof Glazing

IQ Glass designed and installed a set of minimal windows sliding glass doors onto the roof terrace of this London home to maximise the natural light intake into the living area.

These sliding doors open to the left of the home, creating wide access space between the living room and roof terrace. This access is ideal in the summer as the family can merge these two spaces together, maximising the use of their improved roof terrace.

Glass floors were installed as part of this roof terrace refurbishment as well as an eaves window which has been placed above the stairwell to allow natural light to pass through into the basement.

These glazing elements were necessary to be placed above the basement as this area would normally be very dull due to the lack of window space.

Two glass floors were installed onto the roof terrace, one in a rectangular shape running alongside the wall and the other with a circular glazed shape.

IQ Glass integrated their privacy glass into this circular glazed element to provide privacy to the basement below whilst still allowing natural light to pass through.

The eaves window installed onto the basement is made up of two large structural glass panels creating a glass wall and roof.

These glazed panels are connected in the corner to create a frameless edge, reducing any obstruction to light or views from the stairs.

Although frameless, this eaves window has been back painted black to match with the glazing used on the glass floors, providing a contemporary finish to the roof terrace.

The combination of glazing elements showcases how using various glazing systems within one project can create an ultra unique home. 

Using a four track sliding system has allowed for a vast opening that provides access to the rooftop terrace, the switchable privacy glazing allows for a unique view down into the interior living area which is a great talking point for gatherings.