Water End House

External Sliding Doors System Used to Create Walls of Glass

IQ Glass installed two sets of the minimal windows external sliding doors system onto this new build in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. Both sets of doors were installed with one fixed glazing unit on either side with an ultra-slim frame.

One set of these doors were installed to provide access to the living area and patio on the ground floor with the other set providing access to the garden. These doors were installed with a slim 21mm sight line to provide the homeowners with stunning views of their surroundings.



Quintin Lake

Kirkland Fraser Moor 



Fixed frameless effect structural glass units were installed surrounding the front of the home to create two fully glazed walls of glass.

These allow optimum light ingress into the living spaces whilst providing incredible views of the surrounding grounds and were installed on both levels of the home for a stunning contemporary design with slim framing throughout.

These glass units were joined together with silicone to create a frameless effect glass façade.

An aluminium casement window and door were also installed onto the new build. The aluminium door was installed as the front door for the property as our sliding glass door system does not have an external lock.

This aluminium door was powder coated black to match the sliding glass door coating, the black silicone on the frameless effect structural glass units and the aluminium window for a continuous design.

An aluminium window was installed to provide ventilation to the master bedroom as well as enhancing the natural light coming through the slim structural glazing and frameless rooflight. The framing on this window was designed to match with the other architectural glazing elements throughout the home.

Walk on glass floorlights were installed internally and externally to provide natural light into the lower ground floor.

These floorlights have been manufactured with a sandblasted finish to provide privacy to the spaces as well as an antislip finish to prevent any injury both indoors or outdoors. Internal frameless structural glass balustrades were installed surrounding the stairwell to provide safety to the area and to continue the minimal, contemporary design.

Fixed frameless effect rooflights were installed onto the roof of this property to allow natural light into the upper level of the home where windows could not be placed.

Installing the frameless effect rooflights means there is no light or sky view obstruction from indoors, keeping the bedrooms well lit throughout the day. The clients also required an aluminium framed opening rooflight to provide necessary ventilation into the space.


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