Warwickshire Farmhouse

A modern glazed extension to a rural farmhouse

The owners of this rural farmhouse wanted an extension to their house that maximised their views across the beautiful rolling hilly landscape surrounding their home. Naturally, a highly glazed extension was at the forefront of their minds when imagining themselves enjoying panoramic views of the outdoors from the comfort of their home. 


Nic Barber-Robinson



A corner opening minimal windows® sliding doors system was installed to the rear façade of the ground floor level extension.

The large panes of glass and the slim vertical sightlines of the minimal windows® system installed to the property, provide the owners with beautiful scenic views of the countryside while flooding the internal living spaces with natural light.

It is common for farmhouses and older buildings to seem quite dark inside due to the expansive brickwork and small windows, however with this bright extension added to the property natural light is drawn into not only the extension itself but also to the adjoining ground floor rooms.

A series of aluminium casement windows and doors were installed alongside the minimal windows® sliding doors which allowed the extension to have several areas with additional privacy but still able to relish in picture frame style views of the landscape. 

The external aesthetic of the property was designed to have a modern appearance but with a subtle colour scheme that was cohesive with the tones of the land and the warmly toned brickwork.

To one side of the extension, the architects designed an extended roof which provided an outdoor sheltered seating area that featured a vertical wooden cladding aspect to help merge the design further with the surrounding landscape.

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