Slim Framed Sliding Glass Doors with Hidden Pocket for Maximised Space

IQ Glass installed a set of three pane minimal windows sliding glass doors onto this rear extension in Twickenham. These doors were installed to slide into a hidden pocket into the adjacent Zinc façade.

Using ultra slim framed minimal windows on this extension allows maximum light ingress into the new kitchen and living space which is enhanced by large frameless roof lights.

These sliding glass doors provide the perfect access to the garden area, allowing the homeowners to open up their glazed wall to create the perfect indoor-outdoor living experience.


Tony Timmington and Architecture WK



To enhance this indoor-outdoor living experience these sliding doors were installed with a flush floor finish meaning the homeowners have step-free access to their external living space.

Externally, these doors have been powder coated in a dark grey to match with the dark Zinc façade. Internally, these doors have a lighter grey frame to blend in well with the bright interior.

The slim aluminium framing used provides a contemporary addition to the more traditional brick property.

Installing hidden pocket sliding glass doors onto the new extension allows the space to appear larger. This illusion continues even when the doors are closed as there is a very minimal sightline of only 21mm preventing obstruction to views of the garden and light ingress.

Using a hidden pocket configuration allows the internal space to be opened out completely, maximising views of the garden from indoors and allowing the client's friends and family to freely move between the two spaces.