Villa Zuv

Corner open sliding doors create a seamless indoor/outdoor living space

This modern and airy villa in Alicante benefitted from a bespoke glazing package, including multiple sets of panoramah! ah!38 minimally framed sliding doors and frameless glass windows. The white stone holiday villa plays with different angles and overhangs to create a fully unique design with hidden nooks and impressive facades.

The rear of the property overlooks a verdant garden and luxury swimming pool, with sliding glass door systems creating a seamless indoor-outdoor transition with the open plan internal living spaces. A whitewashed interior design was used throughout the home to reflect the warm sunlight around the rooms, while the slim 20mm aluminium frames of the sliding doors are powder coated silver to match the same bright aesthetic. 


David Frutos


Alicante, Spain

The most prominent set of sliding doors were designed to form an impressive corner opening pocket door configuration, allowing the glass sashes to be concealed within each wall for a large frameless opening. This opens up the narrow kitchen space and allows for seamless access to the external decking and pool. 

Adjacent to the kitchen, a double-height sitting room enjoys its own set of sliding glass doors that open out onto the terrace. The light-filled space provides a quiet space to relax, with sofas on the ground level and bookcases lining a timber mezzanine above, bordered by an internal glass balustrade.

To the side of the house, the eclectic shapes of the building are used to create a sheltered open-air courtyard nestled between three of the walls. Sets of sliding doors access this sunny outdoor seating space, their outer frames hidden in the building’s finishes for an elegantly minimal effect.

Upstairs, an airy corridor runs the length of the main façade. The outer wall of the corridor is made up of frameless structural glass panels overlooking the garden, while sliding glass doors to the other side allow easy access between each of the bedrooms. Together with a long strip rooflight overhead, the corridor serves to maximise the amount of natural light flooding the internal living areas.

Timber slatted blinds can be drawn down to cover each of the glazed elements used throughout the home, providing adjustable shading from the sun during the day and ensuring privacy for the night-time. When open, the blinds are concealed within subtle boxes painted to match the surrounding walls and ceiling, to provide a modern shading solution without interrupting the minimal design of the Spanish villa.