Villa R

Slim sliding doors create a fully glazed luxury home

Slim sliding glass doors and frameless picture windows characterise this elegant brick new build home in Geneva, Switzerland. The modern family home is set in an expansive countryside setting, allowing for a fully glazed design with light-filled living spaces that enjoy stunning views during the day.

The home follows a unique L-shaped design, made up of an eclectic mix of single and double storey sections, walled with slim sliding glass doors and contrasting brick elevations. Panoramah! ah!60 sliding doors were chosen for the project, thanks to their exceptional thermal performance values and minimal contemporary design.


Sandra Pointet


Geneva, Switzerland

A large 20m internal swimming pool makes up one length of the L shaped building. One side is lined with 10 sliding glass sashes that create an extensive minimally framed façade overlooking the garden. The outer frames of the sliding doors are hidden within the building’s finishes so that the slim 20mm sightlines and two supporting pillars are the only visible frames along the sliding elevation.

The other single-storey space takes the form a large open plan living room, this time with sliding facades lining both walls. The minimal seating allows the homeowners to enjoy the views to each direction, while the triple-glazed glass of the ah!60 system ensures the room remains well insulated throughout the winter months.

The upper floors along the other double storey section of the building are broken up with large frameless picture windows and several additional sets of sliding doors. Toughened structural glazing was used to create the frameless windows, stretching from floor to ceiling in height to bathe the inside space in bright natural light.

Elegant timber slatted beams were used to create a Juliette balcony configuration with the sliding doors integrated within the outer walls of the upper floor bedrooms. This allows the homeowners to open the doors for easily adjustable ventilation, as well as providing long-reaching views and maximising the amount of light entering the rooms.