Villa Lac

Swiss home benefits from numerous oversized glazing systems to make an impact.

This expansive, premium real estate in Switzerland presents a fully glazed façade design. the epitome of elegance, the home has been constructed with a pale exterior, contrasting the surrounding dark greenery.

From the outset, the property offers beautiful design, with floor to ceiling glass being the main design feature. The high performance triple glazed sliding door was chosen due to its enhanced performance values. Much of the winter is cold in Switzerland, with up to 4 months of snow, therefore triple glazed sliding door systems deliver exceptional thermal performance whilst maintaining a minimal design.


Amir Korour



Inside the home, floor to ceiling glass is used across multiple floors to deliver exceptional views of the surrounding area. The extensive use of glazing continues throughout the entire home, even forming a central glass courtyard design in the centre of the home.

This glass courtyard design allows homeowners to see different living areas and spaces from anywhere in their home, presenting true transparency. The courtyard, featuring a tree in the middle, forges a strong connection to nature, allowing the homeowners to enjoy the natural environment throughout the cold winter months. One elevation of the courtyard design even has a balcony area, to look down through the design.

The triple glazed sliding door system grants multiple access points, offering ventilation and seamless transitions to the outdoor living space as well as breath-taking exterior design. Due to the slim sightlines, the maximum amount of natural light possible floods the internal spaces, creating a brightly lit, airy living space.

The use of levels in this home design creates a luxury appeal, with floor to ceiling glass across multiple levels being used to bring light into even the lower floors that are beneath street level. The building design features a large overhand, providing some solar shading to the large panes of glass beneath.