Victoria Road

Full length structural glass units of almost 6m in height bring in natural light through the stairwell to the basement.

A basement extension to highly sought after period property on Victoria Road, South Kensington features a bespoke glazing package including a structural glass floor to maximise the natural light and living space within the dwelling. 


To create a light-filled basement extension to this London property it was essential to incorporate a number of clever architectural glazing elements to achieve a bright and airy space, including a large structural glass floor that extends to the patio. The structural glass floor serves as both a walk on floor in the garden, and as a large opening in the ceiling to allow natural light to channel through into the space below. This clever glazing technique removes the feeling of a dark and closed basement by opening it up with tonnes of light and connects the room with views of the outdoors.

The double-height London basement extension with the addition of the walk on structural glass floor instantly creates an impact and enhances the feeling of space.  The structural glass floor acts as a lightwell over the glazed basement allowing natural light to fill the space throughout the day helping to reduce energy use to light the basement space.

Within the basement space, internal frameless fixed screens around the pool allow further natural light transmission throughout the separate zones of the basement.

Full length structural fixed glass units of almost 6m in height allow the custom made curved timber and steel staircase a key feature as light cascades all the way down into the basement.

Once up to the ground floor, our elegant slim pivot Door provides seamless external access.

Two sets of slim framed floor to ceiling sliding glass doors connect the kitchen and living space to the patio with flush thresholds helping to blur the boundaries of indoors and outdoors.

The result is a sophisticated and cohesive design to this basment extension that successfully tackles the age-old issues of reconfiguring terrace period properties into open planned, light and airy flexible spaces which connect to the outdoors. 

The third and final phase of this project is now complete! See the bespoke internal glazing here.

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