This townhouse in Hackney was extended and modernised with Mondrian® steel patio doors to the rear, opening the kitchen to the garden. The slim metal frames of the Mondrian® Doors allowed for maximum glass to the rear patio door opening whilst maintaining the industrial design preferred for this extension.

Here the steel doors were designed into a Belgium Door configuration which consists of a French door opening bracketed either side by fixed side lights. The base of each door was specified as a solid 'kick plate' which was designed to a height that lined up with the external garden bench and internal seating area.

The Mondrian® steel doors have a full thermal break and hold a double glazed unit as standard to ensure that they reach the highest levels of thermal insulation. It is important on modern extension projects to ensure that steel door frames encompass a full thermal break. If they do not condensation and frost will build upon the internal face of the doors and cause damage to internal finishes.

Contemporary extension with industrial style glazing.

These high specification steel doors were completed with a rounded and minimal stainless steel lever/lever handle which matched the architectural design and interior scheme.

To the side of the Belgium Door opening a steel framed fixed window was installed with the same insulated steel frame as the doors. This large window surrounded a cosy seating area complete with a solid window seat.

Above the side infill section of the extension, a structural glass roof provided light. It was supported by minimal steel sections that were finished in white to merge with the wall finishes.

All steel framing to the extension was finished with a RAL 7021 polyester powder coat which is black grey. This dark grey frame finish worked well with the light brick exterior to the extension as well as the light palette interior design.