Vaucluse House | Slim Glass Sliding Doors for Luxury Australian Home

This expansive home benefited from the full glazing package

With beachfront views of the Australian coast, this home required minimal frames and slim sightlines to make the most of the beautiful setting.

Large panes of glazing sit alongside multiple sets of sliding door systems, including a striking opening corner configuration on the first floor. The property is three floors with the ground floor being sunken, below ground level, in places.



©William Mallat


Sydney, Australia

Due to the bottom floor being so low, the addition of floor to ceiling sliding glass doors helped enhance the space by introducing tonnes of natural light. The lower floor bedroom leads directly to an outdoor courtyard, with a flush to floor finish granting step-free access between the areas.

On the first floor, there are large terraced areas surrounding the home and infinity pool, framed in glass balustrades. Each balcony area looks out onto the ocean, with the panoramic views further enhanced by being higher than ground level.

Using frameless glass balustrade designs ensure the views are not obstructed when the sliding doors are open. The sliding doors slide away into completely hidden pockets within the building structure, revealing completely open apertures.

Balustrades are integrated into the sliding door tracks to offer a safety barrier when the window and door systems are slid open. Using a frameless design has the advantage of being almost invisible to the naked eye from ground level.

On the top floor, where balustrades create a Juliet balcony design, floor to ceiling glass makes the most of the surrounding view and introduces ventilation with sliding elements as well as brightly lit interiors.

Exterior shading solutions have been added to the top floor, ensuring comfortable temperatures are maintained and privacy is available if needed.

Using glass as a construction material in luxury locations is hugely advantageous, adding an elegant aesthetic and boasting unparalleled thermal performances.