Upper Mall

Side infill extension with a structural glass roof

Located on the riverside, Upper Mall was a terrace home that suffered from a poor interior design and was disconnected from the outdoor environment. The internal rooms were quite dark, and they didn’t flow from one another smoothly. Therefore, the homeowners sought the help of an architect to help them refurbish the property and transform it into a contemporary space that makes the most of the stunning views on their doorstep.


Part of the renovation saw a dramatic alteration to the roof of the terrace house. This alteration created a bright, useable living space that provided access to the outdoor environment.

Within the rooftop extension, slim sliding glass doors were installed alongside an aluminium casement door for excellent access into the outdoor areas. During the summer, these slim sliding doors can be opened up to create a seamless transition between the two spaces and bridge this divide.

Terrace homes are often originally designed with a patio area along one side of the house which usually becomes disused. This makes an ideal space to build an extension as it means the garden at the back of the house can remain a useable outdoor living space, while the area to the side can be utilised for additional indoor living space.

This infill extension at the side of the terrace home was designed to let as much light into the property as possible through a large structural glass roof. The glass roof extends the length of the extension to create a wide space for natural light to penetrate through and illuminate the room below.

The structural glass roof installed to Upper Mall is completely frameless and is supported with frameless glass beams. Using glass beams for this kind of glass installation provides structural support without blocking the views of the sky and also without blocking the path of the sunlight.

The side return infill extension has created a new living area that the homeowners use for dining and as an additional lounge area. The amount of natural light within this space provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere where the occupants can relax and enjoy a beautiful connection to nature.

At the rear of the extension, minimal windows sliding doors and an aluminium casement door were installed to deepen the connection the garden. The structural glass roof runs along the ceiling and down to connect with these minimally framed patio doors for an elegant finish to the glazing. The combination of the roof glazing and glass doors allows light into the property from two angles for an exceptionally well-lit home.

To the upper floors, the architects wanted to continue the connection to the outdoors, and therefore a balcony was installed with frameless glass balustrades. These glass balustrades are ideal for balconies or outdoor terraces as they do not provide any visual obstruction at eye level and thus allowing the homeowners to fully enjoy the views of the river.

These glass balustrades are available in two designs, one with a handrail and one without. The homeowners chose the option without a handrail as they wanted to maximise the views of the river.

To further accentuate the views, minimal windows sliding doors were installed to provide access onto the balcony. But not only do these aluminium sliders provide access, they also offer picturesque views with minimal interruption from the frames.

The frames of these sliders are only 21mm and result in very minimal visual obstruction. When these sliding doors are opened the homeowners can then fully enjoy the outstanding views and (thanks to the flush threshold of the doors) step-free movement between indoors and out.