Uphill Road

Minimal glazing to perpendicular rear extension

On this modern house, IQ Glass was appointed to help bring the dining room to life. The glass sliding doors slide in a three-track system, down the side of the new kitchen and dining area creating that sought-after inside-outside effect, with their flush floor finishes and minimal framing.




This gives perfect access to the garden and the living and dining room with the minimalist element, giving you a greater feeling of space transforming the room.

fixed structural window at the end of the extension lets in light from a new angle whilst the original house was also provided with a pair of minimal windows sliders to the now more open living areas. 

The sliding doors are in sectional sliders, the glass slides open to the garden very easily and allows one to view from inside the house. This modern design helps create space as minimal windows and glass are used, and they operate without a hinge which means they open simply by sliding the panel over the other and this is done by gliding instead of opening.


Dark grey RAL colour framing was used in this project to for a cohesive design. The room brightens up in a hot summer’s day throughout the day with the gleaming light shining on the glass. This improves the dining and living area for a large family, brightening up the room with space and light. This adds an elegant, classy look to the room and allows occupants to easily enter their garden.