Tower Avenue

Contemporary house renovation in Surrey featuring a full architectural glazing package

A full architectural glazing package was supplied for this contemporary home renovation in Surrey. The architect wanted to get as much light as possible into this home, and glazing is the most effective way to do this.

Gable end windows are an ideal choice for maximising natural light within a property. These windows follow the roofline and provide glazing solutions for areas that previously would have been ignored. The front of the property benefitted from frameless structural glazing above the entrance door, with the frameless glazing stretching right to the peak of the building.


The ground floor was opened up to increase the sizes of the main living spaces. This included the living room and kitchen and dining area, which now benefits from three frameless rooflights and an oversized sliding glass door.

By incorporating floor to ceiling glazing in a home, it completely breaks down the barrier between the internal and external living space. The merging of the interior and exterior is a key element of biophilic design. In the warmer months, this large living space can be merged with the patio outside where there is additional seating, making it an excellent spot to entertain guests.


From the inside of the property, the structural glazing at the front increases the perceived size, making the lobby and stairwell seem bright and inviting. As you go up the stairs, the glazing stretches up to the third floor of the home, ensuring no area is left in the dark.

At the rear of the home, not only does the kitchen and dining area benefit from slim sliding doors, but the living room also has these stunning glazing solutions. The doors in the living room have corner to corner glass so light can enter from multiple sides of the home.



The dark colour palette chosen for the interior of the living room gives the space a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. Interior design elements exude luxury, with a velvet sofa and high end furnishings. The glazing incorporated into this room ensures that the darker colours do not make the room seem smaller, resulting in a grandeur living space.

Overall the glazing was used to compliment and highlight the contemporary architectural elements and timeless interior design. The interior space is now flooded with natural light and property has a contemporary and captivating exterior.


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