Totteridge Lane

Single Storey Glazed Extension with Sliding Glass Doors in Totteridge - London

This large detached family home in Totteridge was extended to the rear with a large, single storey, contemporary extension. The new addition extended from the original living and dining room, creating a larger, open plan living area downstairs which included a new kitchen.

Two walls of the contemporary extension were glazed with floor to ceiling fixed and moving glass units, allowing lots of light to enter the deep space and creating panoramic views of the large garden and outside pool.


On the front elevation of the glazed extension, IQ used our ultra slim framed sliding glass doors. These aluminium framed sliding patio doors allow access to the garden with a flush threshold across the open tracks which are a minimal 13mm deep into the floor – great for bare feet after a dip in the pool.

The slim frames of the sliding glass doors match the frameless nature of the fixed returning glass wall, made from frameless structural glass elements giving a uniform appearance to all glazing on the space.


The overhanging roof creates the illusion of a very slim, flat roof and provides an element of solar protection to the large glass walls of the extension.

At the seam of the extension where new meets old a fixed, frameless rooflight allows natural light to enter the space for a steady stream of daylight within the extension and kitchen.