The Vineyard

Contemporary Extension using Sliding Bi-Fold doors and Rooflights

A contemporary extension was installed onto this home in Richmond, London with bifold doors and a structural glass roof.

This side return extension uses the new bifolding doors as rear access to the structural glass box roof light above for added natural light and sky views.


Thiink! Design  


Richmond, London

A set of 5 pane bifolding doors were integrated into the contemporary extension to provide easy access to the garden as well as to maximise the space between the internal and external areas when the doors are open.

When closed, the slim framing of the bi-folding doors provides the homeowners with stunning views of their external living area and once opened, these doors provide a larger space available for the homeowners to enjoy this external living space.

These bi-folding doors have been powder coated a dark grey to match with the back painted glass on the structural glass roof.

The structural glass roof installed onto this property allows natural light to pass through into the kitchen/dining area vertically and from the side of the home.

This glass has been back painted on the external edges to hide all fixings, creating a flush external finish. No glass beams or slim steel supports have been integrated into this structural glass roof, creating a minimal appearance.

The bifold doors and structural glass roof create a contemporary addition to the traditional brick building.

Installing a structural glass roof was the best solution to the lack of window space available and privacy issues which would have occurred if windows were to be inst