The Old Rectory

Glazed extension with arch pill windows

The Old Rectory is sympathetically restored from a dilapidated nursing home into an elegant contemporary family home.  After well considered design by Gruff Architects using various architectural features and design elements to create a unique and visually appealing family home. A bright and airy feel would be achieved using key elements including structural Invisio glass, arch glass pill windows, sliding glass doors opening to the gardens, and structural glass roof lights maximising the amount of natural light into the space. 

The Old Rectory dates back to the Victorian era in Nunney Village with previous adjacent structures dating back to the medieval times.  Stood abandoned for over five years, the dilapidated building was formerly a residential home with a poorly designed 3000 square foot extension to the rear enveloped with asbestos. 


Architects: Gruff Architects

Photographer: FRENCH+TYE



The building’s former extension was demolished, repurposing the original stonework to form the arches of the new double-height kitchen living extension in which the arch pill windows would become a key feature. The elegant arched openings in the new extension reference a continuing pattern of arches in the Victorian hallway, creating a more cohesive design that improves the flow, whilst joining the old with the new living spaces flawlessly.  

Natural light was integral to the remodel of The Old Rectory. Our frameless Invisio structural glass rooflights, full height sliding glass doors, and casement windows and doors completely transform the ambience, lifting the period property into 21st Century modern living. 

The glass pill windows and arched theme further extends beyond the ground floor to the roof of the dwelling with Invisio structural glass comprising of steel sections between the glass panels to create an apex shape.  The structural glass rooflight over the staircase and lobby allows natural light to cascade to the lower floor, spotlighting the built-in library in the lobby, and the statement new curved staircase. 

More Invisio structural glass is used in the living space with frameless effect glass roof light with double height infill created between the wings of the existing house with structural glass roof and end wall.  

The three track full height sliding glass doors to the rear are triple glazed with slim sightlines of 25mm and flush threshold detailing, offering more thermal performance as well as providing a glass façade for a connection with the outdoors.  

The original extension's local stone is salvaged and used to create a feature wall in the new living room. Some of the local stone is also incorporated into the patio area, contributing to a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. This thoughtful design combined local original materials and full height sliding glass doors helps to create a seamless transition from the inside to the outside. The arches of the pill glass window repeats in the central part of the property ground floor with a  1.73m wide arched casement window completely frameless. Directly above on the first floor sees the replacement of an original window and balcony with a new large glass casement window and glass balustrade overlooking the double height space.  

The entire project has playful elements that lend itself to the vernacular architecture pulling together a cohesive design that appears to have always been there. 

Overall, the result is a stunning home with ample usable space, abundant natural light, and easy access to the mature grounds, catering to modern family living. 


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