The Hampstead House - London

Contemporary New Build with Double Height Glass Box

This contemporary new build in Hampstead benefitted from a full architectural glazing package designed and installed by IQ Glass. Large elevations of frameless structural glazing and sliding glass doors were used to design a two-storey glass box protruding from the rear of the family home, overlooking a glazed basement space that houses a luxury internal swimming pool. 

The extensive rear glazed facade overlooks the large, fully enclosed garden for full privacy, while ensuring the open plan living spaces are brightly lit with natural light throughout the day. On the front and side elevations, slim aluminium casement windows were installed with translucent glass for privacy, while still allowing the majority of the light to flood the internal rooms uninterrupted. 



Belsize Architects 


Hampstead, London

Minimally framed sliding glass doors installed to the ground floor of the glazed box allow seamless access between the double-height living room and the extensive terrace and garden spaces outside. The slim 21mm sightlines ensure the doors do not impede the flow of light and vision while mirroring the slim silicone-jointed structural glazing used above. 

A second set of sliding doors create a minimal glazed wall at the basement level, allowing for step-free access from the inside swimming pool to the large white stone basement void in the back garden. The sunken courtyard space doubles up as a sheltered seating space, furnished with modern outdoor sofas while also easy access to the large garden above.

At the garden level, frameless glass balustrades line the opening to provide essential safety for the homeowners, while maximising the amount of natural light flooding the indoor/outdoor living space below. The balustrades were specified with IQ's own Invisio structural glazing system, with a laminated interlayer to ensure the integrity of the glass unit even if the outer panes were to break.   

Additional glass balustrades were integrated inside the home to allow light to pass unimpeded throughout the depth of each internal living space. A unique glazed spiral staircase forms the showstopper of the interior design. The floating timber steps elegantly link the three floors together, while the curved glass balustrades allow natural light to flood the internal spaces that aren't as close to the external windows.