The Garden Room House is a Grade II* listed property located in Hinton Waldrist, Oxfordshire and has just undergone a contemporary renovation and rear glass extension using slim frame sliding glass doors to the traditional cottage.  

IQ Glass designed and installed a contemporary glass box extension and supporting steelwork to the rear of the characterful property to extend the living and dining space. The structural glass extension, featuring slim frame sliding glass doors and a large structural glass roof supported by glass beams, provides uninterrupted views of the sky and gardens. 


Slim frame sliding glass doors connect the new open plan living space to the garden seamlessly with a flush base track leading out onto the newly landscaped tiered patio. When closed these exclusive sliding glass doors minimise the division of inside and out with their slim 21mm framing. A top hung aluminium casement window within the side extension wall provides an area of ventilation and allows additional light to enter the space from another angle.  

Above the new extension, a balcony space was created for the master bedroom. IQ installed a Vitra Pivot door providing access to the small roof terrace which is lined with frameless glass balustrades to reduce the impact of the balcony on the design as well as maintain views form the master bedroom across the expansive countryside.


The pivot door was chosen to make the most out of the small opening, in addition to the slim aluminium frames and minimal design keeping a cohesive architectural glass design throughout the contemporary extension and renovation. 

Architect: West Waddy 

sliding doors and glass roof extension
  • Type

    Contemporary Rear Extensions

  • Location

    Hinton Waldrist, Oxfordshire

  • Featured in

    Homebuilding and Renovating April 2016 – 15 New Home Design Ideas