The Dyehouse

Modern glazed poolhouse extension

Oversized frameless glazing to new west wing 

Huddersfield stone-built house undergoes a modern glazed extension for a dedicated leisure, pool and spa space overlooking spectacular woodland valley through oversized frameless glazing.


Image credits © Joe Cotterill designed by ONE17 Design



Expansive frameless sliding glass doors connect the new space to the woodland valley  

A modern glazed extension to the rear of an existing stone built family home in West Yorkshire features expansive oversized glazing to maximise the beautiful vistas from the edge of the valley reaching across to the natural woodland.

Architect, ONE17 Design was commissioned to design an extension forming a west wing to the existing property as a dedicated leisure space, connecting to its surroundings by harnessing far-reaching views through oversized frameless glazing.

This modern glazed extension houses a dedicated gym, games room pool and spa areas. The fabric of the new west wing comprises of a solid steel frame that connects to the original part of the stone built property.

A façade of oversized fixed glass windows with glass-to-glass corners, slim framed sliding glass doors and structural frameless effect rooflight envelopes the newbuild, maximising natural light ingress and framing spectacular vistas of the surrounding woodland, achieving wellness design for the whole family to enjoy.

Internal glass was installed to define the separate spaces without compromising the daylight, views and open feel flow to the space.

The rear elevation within the pool space boasts expansive frameless sliding glass doors with the largest aperture having three panels adjoining wide width fixed glass windows that wrap around the south facing side exposing the best views.


The external timber overhang and solar control coating of the oversized glazing in this modern glazed extension helps this new addition to the build conform with thermal performance and energy efficiency building regulations. Thermal efficiency was key to the integrity of the project, and essential for the opening sliding glass doors and rooflight (which spans more than 5m long). The structural glass rooflight comprises of three large panes each with a full rolled polyamide thermal break in all sections to fully separate the internal and external elements of the system.

In addition to thermal performance of the glazing, the oversized glazing panels (some of which exceed 3m wide and almost 3m tall) needed to be marine grade high performance glazing to suit the size and orientation, able to withstand environmental elements such as driving rain and wind loading.

The high specification finishes can be seen throughout the elegant new build design. The minimal sightlines of the windows and sliding glass doors combined with the global alignment of the structural steel pillars matched with the same matt granite grey finish on the aluminium frames (RAL 7026) adding to the grandeur of this intentional design.

The structural glass roof installed within the most central part of the modern glazed extension diffuses the light evenly throughout creating a comfortable and welcoming ambiance; fulfilling the brief to create a luxury wing designed for wellness and leisure.

The result is a flawless and seamless design that connects the new modern glazed extension to its surroundings. The occupants can enjoy the expansive views overlooking the woodland valley through oversized glass walls with corner-to-corner glass elements that add to the immersive experience.


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