Stokes Hall

IQ Heated Glass featured in this imposing indoor swimming pool project

IQ Glass designed and installed frameless low iron structural glass walls and doors into this new build.  IQ’s frameless interior system was created to define the spaces allowing access between the living spaces and the new internal glazed swimming pool with heated glass.

This system is completely bespoke to this project to ensure the fixings, handles and construction suited the country mansions interior.


Using the frameless glass to create this new space reduces any obstruction to views and lighting between the spaces, keeping them both well-lit throughout the day.

The frameless glazing also provides a stunning contemporary design to the country mansion, providing an elegant and more up-to-date interior design.

IQ installed frameless glass balustrades with a flat handrail onto the steps leading from the heated glass door down into the indoor swimming pool.


Heated glass was used throughout this project to eradicate any condensation build up between the indoor swimming pool and a comfortable seating area on this new build country mansion, eliminating the need for bulky and noisy air grills.

Using heated glass was necessary for this area to prevent condensation build up and to create a comfortable temperature within the swimming pool area to reduce draughts from other parts of the building.


Frameless automated bifold doors were also installed leading you into a climate controlled wine cellar. The fully glazed effect gives maximum vision making the most of the palatial space. Installing a bifold door also allows for maximum access space when the doors are opened.


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