St Anne's

Terraced home benefits from contemporary rear extension.

This Grade II listed home, in the picturesque neighbourhood of Notting Hill, underwent a transformation to modernise the rear elevation of the home by incorporating a number of luxury glazing systems.

When working on a listed building, it is imperative to preserve the original character and appearance. Through the use of slim framed and frameless glazing, the townhouse is infinitely more modern and light-filled, yet the original charm is undisturbed and remains full of character.


For the external design, each brick of the new extension was re-fired to burn the edges. This allowed the new parts of the build to merge seamlessly with the old one, effortlessly modernising the whole property.

Slim framed sliding doors create an entire wall of moving glass, providing garden access whilst allowing an abundance of natural light to flow through the internal living space. The dining room, now brightly lit thanks to the use of oversized glazing, is warm and inviting with its bright and light atmosphere. The Sieger slim sliding door was specified for this project, delivering sightlines from as little as 20mm, with bespoke pressing details for the most minimal design.

To gain the maximum amount of natural light possible without altering the exterior design, roof glazing was specified. Strip rooflights were used to introduce natural light into narrow areas, such as above the dining room table. Using strip rooflights in conjunction with slim sliding door systems encourages the light to bounce freely through the home, stretching even further through the space.

On the rear elevation, an up and over rooflight was installed to maximise the natural light whilst achieving the illusion of a larger space with higher ceilings. This structure was achieved by joining panes of structural glass with structural silicone, with only neat silicone joins visible between the panes.

Beneath the up and over rooflight, a Sieger Lux pivot door provides direct access to the garden with the most minimal frame. The bespoke pivot door has the appearance of a standard casement door when closed, only revealing its bespoke nature when opened.

The elegant pivot door was powder coated in the same RAL colour as the Sieger slim sliding doors, for a coherent interior design. With clear views to the garden and sky thanks to the combination of glazing systems, the space can also be highly ventilated when needed.

In the warmer months, both the pivot door and the sliding glass doors can be fully opened to create one large indoor-outdoor living area. The flush thresholds of the door systems help to forge a strong bond with the outdoor environment, employing biophilic design elements.

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