Spiral House

Hidden Basement Home

Spiral House is a new single storey house in South West London built within the boundaries of a former garden to one of the neighbouring Victorian Terrace houses.

Built from red brick to complement the surrounding traditional houses, the outer wall spirals inwards, creating an enclosed living space. Within the open elevation of brickwork IQ Glass designed and installed a set of specialist bi folding doors. The bifold doors were part of our exclusive range where the external glass face of the bifold doors was stepped over the inner framing, to create a flush external appearance.


A continuous concrete floor inside to outside and the flush floor finish with a flush threshold drain disrupts the boundary between inside and out.

To complement this frameless, flush elevation of glass our Innovare windows were chosen as the opening windows to bedroom and living areas along the brick wall. The flush external face of the frameless windows sits flat with the brick wall and its crisp white external finish contrasts neatly with the rough brick exterior.


Spiral House was conceived as a low energy house and the low U value of the Innovare windows (having a Uw value of 0.85W/m2K) helps maintain the highly insulated building envelope.

The building was sunken into the floor to maintain and emphasise a long view from the street across the back gardens of neighbouring buildings. Within the garden roof, an 11m long frameless roof light allows light to enter the home along the windowless wall.