Solesfield House

Frameless Bespoke Glass Roof

IQ Glass designed and installed a frameless bespoke glass lantern rooflight utilising low iron glass and a full glass support structure to give a fully glazed finish.

All external glazing was stepped to achieve a flush external finish.

frameless lantern rooflight was installed onto this home to maximise natural light into the internal living space. Using low iron glass for this installation was ideal as it maximises the natural light intake and sky views, visible from underneath the rooflight.

This low iron glass has also been used to create the glass beams used to support the lantern rooflight. Using frameless, low iron glass allows the natural light to pass through with no obstruction. This also minimises obstruction to the sky views from below.

Using glass beams for support instead of steel supports helps to continue the frameless glass design of the lantern rooflight and allows natural light into the property whereas installing metal beams would obstruct the natural light and sky views.

The glazing on this lantern rooflight has been stepped to achieve a flush external finish in dark grey to match the bifold doors in the living space below. Having stepped glass hides all of the fixings and framework.

The frameless effect lantern rooflight provides a contemporary addition to the home whilst still following a more traditional design, perfect for the more traditional home.