MW Garden Room

Garden Room using slim framed sliding glass doors

Slim framed sliding doors were used on two sides of this impressive garden room extension.

A new addition to the garden creates an external living and entertaining space for the homeowners. The garden room includes a large, comfortable seating area and feature fireplace as well a wall-integrated television and audio system.



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The sliding glass doors were used as floor to ceiling sliding glass walls on three sides of the new space with moveable corner connections on each corner. This enables the sliding glass doors to move away from the corner of the building, leaving no frame in their wake.

A timber structure was used to build the garden room skeleton, with exposed timber beams in each corner supporting the solid and overhanging roof. This overhanging roof design also helps shade the space, protecting the internal living areas from glare and overheating from solar radiation.

The external living space benefits from the slim framing of these specialist sliding glass doors, maintaining panoramic views over the owner's large gardens even when the insulated sliding doors are closed.

In warmer months two entire walls of the garden room can be slid back, integrating the internal seating area of the garden room with the landscaped gardens outside.

With flush floor finishes, 21mm framing and frameless surround finishes these slim framed sliding doors create an impressive architectural design and striking external aesthetic to the new garden room.