Rowood Farmhouse

Mondrian® Steel Framed Extension

A Mondrian® double height glass extension with a set of casement doors and a side hung window were installed onto a traditional farmhouse in Chalfont St Giles.

The homeowners required a glass extension to create a new, well-lit dining area for their home.


Jane Duncan Architects


Chalfont St Giles

This glass box extension was designed with a black powder coated framing throughout to contrast with the all-white home. Although this contrast creates a more contemporary design, the Mondrian® crosshatched effect provides a more traditional look to the glass extension.The crosshatched effect created by vertical and horizontal bars allows this extension to match well with the original windows and doors on the property 

Two sets of casement doors were integrated into the glass box extension to provide easy access to the living spaces and for ventilation.These elegant steel-framed doors have a slim frame of 47mm with integrated glazing bars to continue the design of the extension.

IQ’s Mondrian® external doors are fully thermally broken, combined with high insulation double glazed units to ensure the thermal performance requirements of the project.

Mondrian® side hung window was also integrated into the double height extension to continue the traditional design and to provide more ventilation into the space, especially in the warmer months to reduce the chance of the box overheating.

IQ Glass also installed a structural glass roof with the same crosshatch design as the rest of the extension. Switchable privacy glass was integrated into the roof as one of the main requirements from the homeowners.

This adds another incredible design element to the double height extension as well as allowing the homeowners to control when the dining area is viewable from the upper floor of their home.