Richmond House

Contemporary Glazed Extension using Glass Sliding Doors

A major refurbishment was done to this 4 bed home that was originally built in a neo-Georgian style. The homeowners asked the architects to re-design and extend their property. IQ Glass was involved on the project to engineer the slim framed glass sliding doors that open at the corner, this was a key design element to the design.


The slim framing, opening corner and flush floor finishes added onto this extension by the sliding doors create a large kitchen living space with strong links to the garden.

A new tower was built onto the side of the original building and is connected to another tower by a glass link. The use of this glass link allowed for planning permission as well as creating a clear, frameless link between the old and the new. Using a glass link also maximises the amount of light into the building.

The single storey extension at the back of Richmond House provided the homeowners with their ideal large open plan kitchen, dining and living space. Using the large glass sliding doors, maximum amounts of living space and lighting into the house has been achieved.

An indoor-outdoor living experience has been created and allows the occupants easy access to their garden, whether it’s to eat outside or to relax, it allows the perfect living space for the summer months. The size of these doors reduces any obstruction to the views of the garden.

As well as these specialist glass sliding doors IQ also used aluminium pressings as the wall glazing on the new single storey extension and an aluminium casement door to the side of the extension. Aluminium pressings were used to conceal any construction elements such as steel beams as this would ruin the aesthetic of the extension and to create a modern external cladding material for the large extension.

The aluminium casement door finish was designed to match the aluminium pressings and the slim frame of the glass sliding doors and homeowners as the access to the garden from the small utility room.