Redmans Road

Structural glazing floods this unique London property with natural light

This modern and quirky new build property was designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding historic London borough while adding a touch of its own unique character to the neighbourhood. The eclectic design plays with warm timber contrasted against a clinical white aesthetic used throughout the single storey new build. Carefully engineered bespoke glazing acts an unobtrusive link between the two palettes while flooding the property with natural light.

The build centres around a large L-shaped living space made up of a minimal kitchen area in one corner and a timber seating area nestled in an alcove in the opposite wall. Between the two, a set of corner-opening sliding glass doors leads onto a small terrace/balcony, looking onto a basement space below.


Alan Power Architects and Nick Hufton at Hufton + Crow Photography



In contrast with the whitewashed, open plan design of the large living area, a highly unusual ceiling section forms the centrepiece of the design. Frameless clerestory windows in an octagonal arrangement create a raised glass upstand above the flush ceiling level and are crowned by a large honeycomb design of timber beams.

This timber roof section is connected to the main ceiling level below via small steel sections, powder coated in a rich burnt orange to create a playful bridge between the bright wood tones and the white walls. Behind each connection, the frameless structural glass panels are sealed together by slim black silicone joints.

Structural glass balustrades are used throughout the property to link the ground floor space with the basement-level living quarters. The use of toughened laminated glass ensures that no additional handrail is needed, while the base details are hidden to create a completely frameless appearance.

The small outdoor terrace is framed by a set of glazed balustrades that look down onto a sunken courtyard below, the open section allowing natural light to fill the neighbouring living area. In the main room, internal frameless balustrades line the stairs and landing space leading downstairs. the low iron glass allowing an uninterrupted sightline through the room, in keeping with the minimal aesthetic.

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