Radnor Place

Bespoke Architectural Glazing in Bayswater

A contemporary renovation, using a structural glass roof and a bespoke window design uses decorative glazing to transform the out-dated home in central London into a modern light-filled family home.


The central London home, like most, does not have a garden therefore a new rooftop terrace was incorporated into the design using frameless glass balustrades around the perimeter which have had a sandblasted finish for added privacy.

The new roof terrace has been nestled on the top of the traditional London town house providing a private oasis of calm in the middle of the bustling city.

The key focal point to this renovation project was the bespoke architectural glass window. The large double height window was designed with an art deco style using contemporary materials. The design adds a high-end aesthetic to the property, perfectly suited for the upmarket location.

The detailing on the window uses a patterned acid etch on the three raised central panels. The acid etch provides privacy to the home but allows the natural light to enter creating a light filled interior to the traditional property. The design of the window breaks up an ordinary large glass frontage for a more aesthetically pleasing finish.


The large structural glass roof adds a dramatic design to the property with a complex design of interlocking glass beams. The structural glass roof was the perfect solution to a property with close neighbouring homes where side windows may cause overlooking or restriction due to the neighbouring properties.

The structural glass roof allows the maximum amount of natural light to enter the living spaces and with the improvements in glass technology, it still keeps the space warm and comfortable whatever the external climate.