Queens Grove

Frameless Heated Glass for Basement Pool

IQ Glass provided multiple technical glass solutions for this luxury basement swimming pool renovation to a private residence on Queens Grove, London. The glazing package installed to this stunning townhouse included a full array of frameless heated glassframeless balustrades, glass sliding doors, structural glass and general glazing to the basement renovation.


The use of these frameless glass solutions allowed for a minimal, open plan feel to the design of the basement renovation and external terraces while ensuring that the unique environments of each separate area were easily maintained. 

One key technical solution specified for this project was the use of frameless heated glass for the glazing surrounding the basement pool area. A longstanding issue with glazing in a pool environment is the condensation that forms on the glass, due to the sudden change in temperature between the humid pool room and the cooler air outside. The temperature difference was particularly stark for this project, as the home gym room that overlooks the swimming pool is air-conditioned. 


To mitigate this issue, the frameless glass screens were specified with a transparent metal oxide coating, through which electricity is passed from concealed buzz bars, that creates a radiant heat source that warms the surface of the glass. This prevents any condensation from forming, allowing for unimpeded vision between each of the rooms. 

To the rear of the pool area, minimal framed sliding glass doors were used for seamless access to the garden. The flush threshold revealed when the doors are pushed back leads onto a small access courtyard, clad in white stone that contrasts beautifully with a feature garden wall.



A wave-shaped structural glass window was integrated with the wall adjacent to the sliding doors, allowing additional light to flood the basement space while simultaneously providing pleasant views for the occupants. The courtyard is linked to the gardens and upper terraces above by a stone stairway lined with frameless glass balustrades, continuing the minimal aesthetic of the contemporary renovation. 

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