Oversized swimming pool glass roofs to luxury Dorset dwelling

UX Architects was commissioned to design a luxury five bedroom replacement dwelling set within the rolling hills of the Purbeck countryside in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) with a dedicated spa and swimming pool finished to a high spec with two oversized marine grade swimming pool glass roofs that lets the light in. 


UX Architects



The stone and timber clad luxury replacement dwelling used marine grade solar controlled frameless effect glass to form the oversized structural swimming pool glass roofs. Each of the two swimming pool glass roofs span an incredible 7m width with a length of almost 5m for the largest.

The collective weight of the swimming pool glass panels just under 1800kg.  The smaller glass rooflight is similar in width with the length of the pane just under 2.5m.   

The shear weight and scale of the oversized swimming pool glass meant that the technical team had to counter the natural deflection of the glass with aesthetically pleasing glass beams. It was essential to ensure that the supporting structure could bear this weight while maintaining a sleek and frameless design. 


The weight and size of the swimming pool glass roof required the use of a mechanical lift to help install the oversized glass in to place. 

A solar coating was used for the expansive pool glass roofs to reduce solar gain and improve thermal performance.  

The result is an exemplary superhome with a dedicated spa and pool area that soaks up the natural light and offers spectacular uninterrupted views of the sky in AONB. 

The exquisite design by UX Architects unsurprisingly went on to scoop the International Property Awards 2022-2023 for Architecture Single Residence. 


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