Priory Park

Sliding Glass Doors and Mirrored Cladding

This angular extension in London utilised a fantastic collection of architectural glazing solutions to create a unique and stunning architectural design.

In keeping with the existing house, the new extension was created with a beautiful collection of angles. Each section of the modern extension was filled with full walls of glass to provide an internal space that is bathed in natural light.

The full glass elevations to the extension spaces were created using a mixture of frameless structural glass and sliding glass doors.  With an ultra-minimal frame of only 21mm, the minimal windows doors perfectly match the sightlines of the associated structural glazing.

On the external face of the extension, the solid structure was clad in mirrored decorative glass. The result is an unobtrusive extension that reflects and merges in with its environment.


Bespoke elements of structural glazing were integrated throughout the extension and renovation of the large house.

As part of the angular design frameless Eaves Windows slice through the side walls of the extension, in addition, a frameless glass link was used to connect the new extension to the original building structure.

As part of the larger renovation works the existing roofline of the building was altered to allow additional space for a loft bedroom.

New rooflights and extensive glazing to the upper floor provide generous natural light to the new rooms and offer a strong visual connection to the rear gardens.