Prebend Street

Glass Roof to Basement Extension

New living areas and a new guest annex was created on this corner terrace home by digging out underneath the garden and installing a frameless glass roof to link the new and old spaces.
IQ Glass designed and installed all specialist architectural glazing including the full structural glass roof, supported with frameless glass beams for this impressive Basement Extension.



Guttfield Architects  



The frameless glass roof covered the area previously occupied by a little used garden space. A frameless, laminated glass beam was used internally to support the entre width of the roof, with the fixings designed to be minimal and hidden in the internal building finishes.

Our minimal windows Sliding Glass Doors were then used as fully glazed access doors from the guest suites to the main house, with the space beneath the glass roof acting as a link between the guest area and the main house.

The slim, insulated aluminium framing of the sliding glass doors allows for little visual distinction between the two spaces whilst creating a thermally efficient barrier between the two different areas of the home.

To the upper floor of the guest suites our flush glazed Innovare windows were used to provide ventilation with a neat, fully glazed exterior appearance. Automated venting motors were installed within the framing internally to allow for automatic opening and ventilation to these high level windows.