Glass box extensions are a modern method of extending homes further into the garden utilising glass as a building material.

The large use of glass helps to keep the new living space bright and airy which helps to bridge the gap between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

minimal windows® sliding doors were installed to offer a minimally framed transition between the two environments.

These contemporary sliding doors provide a similar aesthetic to the structural glass as the frames are so slim, but by installing sliding doors the homeowners are provided with wonderful ventilation throughout the room as well as seamless access to the garden.

glass extension to traditional house
slim framed sliding doorsglass beam connection to steel beam

Surrounding the structural glass roofarchitectural aluminium pressings were installed to complete the full glazing installation.

These pressings were used to provide a neat finish where all the roof to wall junctions can be seen; these pressings can also offer additional waterproofing to material junctions. IQ ensured the colour of the aluminium pressings matched the frames of the sliding doors to create a cohesive design.

structural glass beams and roofglass extension to traditional house

The modern glass box extension to this property juxtaposes the traditional Victorian homes aesthetic which creates a clear separation between the new and the old buildings. The new glass box provides the homeowners with a tranquil garden room where they can relax and enjoy their garden all year round.

glass extension to traditional house