Portree Loch

A modern Lakeside Cabin in Scotland

An elegant, timeless Hebridean new build was designed and constructed on a wooded hillside with marine grade architectural glazing installed to provide far-reaching views of Portree harbour.  


Architecture and Interior Design by Room Studio, Bath Photography by Toby Mitchell


Isle of Skye, Scotland

Due to the location and position of the new dwelling, specification of specialist architectural glazing for windloading was imperative. The floor to ceiling ultra slim framed sliding door system with increased mullions enabled each panel to act as an individual unit. The limited access and challenging terrain of the project required specialist equipment to deliver to site and successfully install all of the structural solar control glazing. 

Architects & Interior Designers, Room Studio approached the project holistically placing emphasis on following the natural contours of the land, reducing tree loss and excavation work.  Nature-inspired tactile local building materials including blackened timber cladding and natural stone walling were chosen, lending itself to the rugged wild landscape.


The use of marine grade architectural roof glazing systems towards the lower living rear elevation of the dwelling allowed for more light ingress, enhancing the connection to nature and highlighting the textures of the natural materials within the interiors. This increased natural light improves the overall ambiance of the space and allows for a more comfortable living environment while enjoying the views of the surrounding nature.

The master suite was positioned below the living space, with solar control ultra-slim framed sliding doors framing the beautiful vistas and allowing light to cascade into the space.



The winning combination of well-considered design in this new build with locally sourced natural building materials and our fully windloading marine-grade compliant glazing creates a sense of serenity within the wild landscape. This harmonious blend of design and materials enhances the connection to nature and provides a comfortable and energy-efficient living environment. The use of marine grade glazing ensures that the dwelling is also able to withstand the harsh weather condition of the area.



Large areas of marine grade architectural glazing were used to maximize the ingress of natural light, using the surrounding vistas as living canvases in harmony with the muted earthy timber cladding and locally sourced stone walls. This creates a seamless blend between the indoor and outdoor spaces, and creates an unique and natural ambiance to the interior of the house.

The combination of solar control glazing and thermal insulation ensures all ultra slim framed sliding doors and façades ensures strong eco-credentials, by retaining heat in winter months and preventing overheating during warmer weather. This ensures energy efficiency and comfort throughout the year while also reducing energy consumption and costs.

The close proximity to the mature trees further enhances the immediate connection with nature and the use of outdoor glass balustrades on the multiple level decking space allows for uninterrupted views of the spectacular estuary.

This creates a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, and allows the homeowners to fully appreciate the natural beauty of the surrounding area while enjoying the comfort of their own home.

The result of this stunning Forest House in Portree Loch, Skye.

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