Pool House - Cheshire

IQ Heated Glass was specified for this Pool House in Cheshire.

This modern pool house in Cheshire plays with light and space to create the illusion that there are no barriers between the indoor and outdoor environments. This highly Miesian design concept sees two full walls of heated glass combining structural glass walls and slim framed sliding glass doors. The mullions of the sliding glass doors are so beautifully slim that their sightlines match with the slim silicone joints between each glass pane. The minimal sightlines give the skin of the swimming pool room a contemporary aesthetic that compliments the architecture of the existing property.

The pool room in the garden was constructed in a sunken area of the garden which is accessed from a concrete staircase leading from the patio at the rear of the property. The elegant, white patio flows from French patio doors at the back of the home, down the garden stairs and along the sides of the new pool house. The white patio, white render on the house and new outdoor room gives the garden design a modern aesthetic that oozes with sophistication.




The clean, white aesthetic is continued into the interior design of the pool house, the tiled floor, internal pillars, ceiling and walls are all finished in white or pale cream tones. This cleansed colour palette receives the colours of the pool water, luscious green grass and the blue sky so elegantly. This carefully considered architectural design enables the focus to be on the natural environment and the pool water, resulting in a deep connection to nature for the homeowner. This connection is further intensified when the sliding glass doors are opened for a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor areas.

The top and bottom panes of glass were heated to eliminate any condensation build up on both floors. The IQ Heated Glass system was combined with Minimal Windows to give a wide open feel to this pool space.

The transparency of this pool house in Cheshire is what makes the architectural design so sophisticated. To maintain the crystal-clear aesthetic of the glazing IQ Glass installed heated glass to the top and bottom panes of glass to eliminate any condensation build-up on both floors. The heated glass from IQ is a specialist glazing solution that has a transparent metal oxide coating to the surface of the glass where electricity is passed through to create a warm surface. The electricity is passed through the coating using buzz bars that are hidden within the frames or the fixtures surrounding frameless glass units. The temperature of the heated glass can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the glass (whether it’s there to heat the pool room or just to stop condensation).


The heated glass was installed to both the minimal windows® sliding glass doors and the structural glass to ensure that all panes of glass were free of condensation. Heated glass is an incredible solution for glazing in pool or spa environments where there is a lot of moisture in the air, but the glass is to remain clear. Maintaining the transparency of the glazing really activates the space and realises the intended architectural design of this outdoor room. The authority of the building is nurtured through ensuring the minimalistic glazing continues to achieve its desired purpose – to create an invisible barrier between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Due to the high levels of moisture in the air and chemicals in the air from the pool water, the frames of the sliding glass doors were given a specialist coating to ensure that the frames were protected from damage.


The rectilinear design of the glass pool house creates a dramatic statement within the grounds of this property. The design creates a strong presence within the garden landscape but thanks to the glass skin of the building it isn’t overpowering. Although the pool house is a large structure, comprised of two floors, the walls of glass soften the building's appearance.

Within the pool house, there is an internal balcony on the first-floor level which reaches out over two edges of the pool, resulting in almost a viewing platform of the pool. The pool room can be accessed directly from the main house through corridors leading from the basement of the family home.

Overall, the architectural design is finished beautifully to create a strong connection between the indoor and outdoor living spaces. This concept is not only enjoyed when the occupants are using the swimming pool but also when looking into the pool from the garden. The glass walls give the illusion that there isn’t a solid barrier there separating the two spaces, resulting in a wider and open design.


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