Beckley Pool House

Large Pool House to Private Home in Beckley

Aros Architects designed this stunning pool house in Beckley which was constructed with slim framed sliding doors to maximise the light from outside and vision into the garden whilst the homeowners were swimming in the pool.

This contemporary glass pool house in Beckley explores the relationship between natural light and space to result in a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The design possesses a highly Miesian aesthetic whereby two walls of floor to ceiling glazing, comprising slim framed sliding doors, meet to create an impressive glass façade. The glass pool house achieves a strong connection to the surrounding garden because the sightlines of the sliding doors are so slim.

The glass pool house was designed to be completely separate from the main house so that the homeowners can enjoy a sense of escapism from their daily lives. The pool house is situated on a large wooden decking that extends several metres from the edge of the walls of glass. At night the decking and the pool house are illuminated by white LED lights installed to the roof at a slight angle.

The contemporary aesthetic continues from the exterior of the pool house through to the interior where elegant grey tiles fill the floor and a division wall that runs along one length of the swimming pool. Behind this divisional wall is a private sauna, steam room and changing room. This offers an additional touch of decadence to the space and creates more facilities where the homeowners can relax.

The roof of the pool house is gently arched which creates a welcoming atmosphere internally. The arched ceiling completed with light-toned wooden beams softens the otherwise rectilinear structure. Painted white, the ceiling beautifully juxtaposes the grey tiling and black sightlines of the sliding doors.



Aros Architects

The architects wanted glazing to fill the whole aperture of one end of the pool house however the sliding doors weren’t able to have a curved top, therefore where the ceiling of the pool house arches fixed frameless glass panes were installed. The frameless glass panes are curved at the top to follow the arch of the ceiling and connected to the top of the sliding doors while maintaining slim sightlines.

As much glazing as possible was used for this glass pool house to maximise natural light within the interior space during the day. Glazing can be seen on all side of the building in the form of sliding doors or frameless glazing. The carefully considered architectural design takes into consideration the natural environment and the swimming pool that are the main focuses of the design. With this in mind, the architects wanted sliding doors which allowed them to deeper the connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces and when the sliding glass doors are opened that provide a step-free transition between the spaces.

To prevent any condensation build-up on the sliding doors heated glass was used. The IQ Heated Glass system was installed within the aluminium sliding doors to ensure clarity was maintained on the glazing to achieve an open feel to the pool house. The transparency of the glazing on this swimming pool house is one of the main design features that make the overall aesthetic so sophisticated.

IQ Heated Glass was used on this project for all the sliding doors. It’s a specialist technical glazing technology that works by passing an electric current across the surface of the glass. The glass is given a specialist transparent metal oxide coating that allows the electricity to flow, which results in a warm surface. Buzz bars hidden in the frame of the sliding glass doors pass the electricity through to the metal oxide glass coating. The temperature of the glass is adjustable to meet the requirements of the occupants and the space. The heated glass surface prevents condensation build-up as the moisture in the air within this pool environment can’t condensate on the warm surface.

For aluminium sliding doors that are installed within a swimming pool environment it is imperative that the PPC (Polyester Powder Coating) applied takes into consideration the location. Any sliding door system that’s installed in this environment needs to be finished with a marine grade paint finish due to the high levels of moisture and chemicals in the air from the pool water. This coating is an enhanced powder-coated finish that has thicker microns which protects the metal frames against salt, chlorine and other harsh chemicals typically found in swimming pool or coastal atmospheres.

The design of the glass swimming pool house creates a bold statement within the garden of the property. Overall, the large pool house provides the homeowners with a sophisticated solution to their brief. The glass skin of the building provides a strong connection between the interior and exterior spaces where the homeowners can relax and feel closer to nature.

An additional design feature that the architect brought to the table was a foliage wall that overs a quarter of the length of the far wall. This feature further helps to connect the homeowners to the natural environment.