Parkside Residential

Residential refurbishment and extension in Wimbledon

IQ Glass were appointed to design and install all glazing elements including our minimal windows sliding glass door system, glass balustrades, aluminium casement windows, auto venting roof lights and a glass floor.


This incredible contemporary home in Wimbledon had a complete refurbishment with an extension installed onto the rear of the property. IQ Glass installed 4 track slim framed sliding glass doors onto the extension as well as casement windows and an aluminium casement door.

The framing on these glass elements has been powder coated dark grey, contrasting with the all-white home but matching with the other glazed elements throughout the house.

The slim framing of these sliding glass doors creates the perfect access space between the new kitchen area and large garden. These sliding doors open to one side of the property, providing an incredible amount of space between the living areas, perfect for in the summer when the garden will be used often by the family. These doors have been installed with a flush floor finish, creating step-free access to the decking area.

The aluminium casement door has been installed to create a side entrance to the new extension which is ideal when the homeowners do not want to open the sliding glass doors, especially in the colder months. Aluminium casement windows have been installed onto another room in the extension to provide natural light into the space and to ventilate the area.

An auto venting roof light was also installed onto the new extension, above the new kitchen/living area to provide even more natural light into the big space as well as to provide extra ventilation, perfect for when the homeowners do not want to have to open the sliding glass doors. This roof light has been installed with a frameless effect to prevent any obstruction to light and sky views from inside the home. The external frame is dark grey, matching with the other framing around the home.

Glass balustrades were installed to create a safety barrier for the staircase, curved glass was used to follow the natural shape of the stairs. Frameless glass balustrades were used on the staircase with a wooden handrail integrated into the design on the landing. Another roof light was installed above the staircase as well as a long, thin window alongside the staircase to maximise the natural light into the space.

IQ Glass installed a glass floor onto the landing area, to allow natural light to pass through both levels of the home. This glass has been back painted dark grey to match with the framing on the other glazed elements throughout the home.

Other side hung aluminium casement windows were installed onto the second floor of the home in the bedrooms and bathrooms. These allow the ideal amount of ventilation throughout the year whilst following the design of the rest of the home.