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Malbrook Road


Extension with Pocket Doors and Open Corner

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Malbrook Road

Extension with Pocket Doors and Open Corner

IQ Glass supplied our admired sliding glass doors to this contemporary extension space in Barnet. The small glazed extension was a new addition to a detached Victorian home to extend the kitchen, dining and entertaining space.  The design of the extension allowed for the use of pocket doors within the structure of the build. Here IQ Glass designed our sliding glass doors to slide away into neatly hidden pockets within the structure of the glazed extension walls.

The fully glazed corner detail used here allows for a panoramic view out into the garden space. The two elevations of sliding doors slide effortlessly away from a corner meeting junction and into their respective hidden pockets creating an opening corner. IQ’s unique corner meeting style allows for both corner meeting panels to slide away from the 90-degree junction leaving no leftover supporting post, showing the cantilever of the roof above.

The architects, Tigg Coll, chose these minimally framed sliding glass doors, for their slim framing as well as their flush floor details to dramatically increase the natural daylight into the extension space and the visual connection looking out onto the garden. 

Elsewhere on the contemporary space, a triangular rooflight allows light to reach the kitchen deeper into the plan and a frameless fixed window to the rear elevation brings in a steady flow of natural light, framing the garden view. An interesting addition to the garden space was a wall of cor-ten beams set into the patio space, this helps create privacy to the extension and also creates a unique external feature outside to draw your eye.


Architects:         Tigg+Coll Architects