Onslow Avenue

Rear renovation and extension using aluminium bi fold doors

The rear kitchen and living space of a family home in Richmond was completely transformed with a modern extension and renovation using architectural glass and aluminium bifold doors.

Previously, the rear area of the home consisted of a tight side infill space, used as a cluttered storage area, and cramped kitchen and dining space.

By removing the internal walls, merging the two rooms, and extending to the rear the family now have a large, open plan living area more suited to modern lifestyles.

To ensure that the space created was bright and spacious large areas of architectural glass were used.

Along the side of the extension, where the thin side infill extension had been previously, a pitched structural glass roof was used, running the full length of the new space above the kitchen cabinets. 

Frameless glass beams were used to support the pitched glass roof and maintain a frameless appearance.

Where the structural glass roof meets the rear elevation the structural glass connects and continues vertically to create a frameless, floor-to-ceiling glass window.

Aluminium bifold doors were used to great effect to the rear of the kitchen and dining area.

The three-panel bifold door installation slides and folds back away opening almost the entire rear aperture. When closed these aluminium bi fold doors have a minimal sightline of only 120mm and can be installed with a flush threshold and drain.