Old Fort Road

Bespoke Glass Fronted Beach House in Shoreham-By-Sea

IQ Glass installed floor-to-ceiling glass facades of open corner sliding glass doors onto this modern new build in West Sussex.

This open corner has been made from two sets of two pane sliding doors. One of these sets was installed to be a pocket door, helping to maximise the living and entrance space.

Maximising this space was ideal as the other set of doors are larger, reducing space.


Jim Stephenson 


Shoreham-By-Sea, West Sussex

Floor-to-ceiling glass panels were installed to the rear of the home, facing the coast to increase the natural light intake even more as well as providing the homeowners with incredible views of the seafront. Both sliding glass doors and structural glass panels used for this installation have a marine grade finish and a solar control coating.

Both of these finishes were necessary for this project in particular as the property directly faces the seafront.These finishes allow the window and door frames to withstand the harsh environments and atmospheres.

Incorporating sliding glass doors and slim framed windows into coastal homes are perfect as there is no obstruction to the beautiful views due to the 21mm vertical profile.

Part of the project specification for this new build was for all of the living areas to be placed upstairs. The open corner glass sliding doors were installed on the second floor to allow the family to take advantage of the seafront views throughout the day.

Due to the floor-to-ceiling glass façades taking up a lot of the second floor, solar control coatings were applied to prevent too much heat passing through into the home.

Using a solar control coating reduces the heat intake but allows the usual amount of natural light to pass through, lighting up the living spaces throughout the day.

Awards: Winner RIBA Regional Awards 2017, South East Awards 2017