Contemporary new build with steel look aluminium glazing

This impressive new build in St Albans benefitted from the full glazing package, with IQ installing a number of bespoke glazing systems to create a unique home that was perfectly suited to the homeowners.

From the outset, the highly glazed home uses a mix of fixed and opening elements to create a modern industrial design. The front door is wood, contrasting the nearby glazing that has been specified with glazing bars for a steel look. Double height glazing is situated next to the front door, as well as a number of steel look window systems from the Sieger Legacy range on the same elevation.

Throughout the installation, access was challenging due to the weather. The wet UK weather meant the area was extremely muddy and IQ had to use flatbed trucks to get down the narrow lanes nearby. A small crane was required to lift the glass down to the basement level, with limited access routes and narrow gaps to overcome.


Stuart Barr  


St Albans

The steel look window systems have been specified with side hung opening configurations, allowing the homeowners to increase airflow and circulation in the home without compromising on the uniform design of the fixed glazing. Bespoke aluminium flashings have been used between floors where the double-height glazing is stepped over the finished floor level, incorporating a panel of aluminium that is finished in the same colour as the profiles.

Multiple sets of slim framed sliding glass doors have been sued throughout the expansive home, granting balcony access on the upper floors and on the ground floor, linking the home to the surrounding garden space. The same flooring has been sued inside and outside the ground floor living space, helping to merge the two areas when the oversized panes are slid open.

The sliding glass doors have been specified in an opening corner configuration, leading from the open plan kitchen directly to the outdoor dining space to allow the homeowners to maximise this space when the weather permits. Due to the home being 3 floors with one in the basement, frameless glass balustrades act as a safety barrier on the ground floor and the balcony areas.

Another place where slim framed sliding doors have been used is the indoor swimming pool, where a marine grade finish was specified to ensure the systems were durable and long lasting in such a humid environment. A steel look casement door leads from the main house to the swimming pool area, with thermally broken properties allowing the two environments to be separated.

Steel look doors have also been used inside, enhancing the interior design scheme and making a feature out of the wine storage room. Walk on floorlights introduce natural light into the lower floors, whilst adding another design element into the tiled garden space. Frameless glass rooflights add even more paths of free-flowing natural light into the open plan living space, with minimal designs to blend into the surrounding interior scheme.

Many of the sliding and opening systems have been designed with bespoke glazing bars, giving them some unique character and enhancing the overall design. The glazing bars are fully customisable and have been chosen with the wider design in mind, still allowing floods of natural light into the home thanks to the large and oversized pane sizes.

The result was a truly unique home that is both well designed and well insulated, due to the use of high end thermally broken glazing systems. The homeowners can enjoy panoramic views from almost anywhere in the house, maintaining a light and airy theme inside.

For more information on the systems used in this project, contact the team today.